St. Burgh's Wickery is a service-disabled veteran owned small business. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with quality products, all made in the USA. Our mission is to become the premier candle company in order to create a positive effect with programs and opportunities that successfully impact our communities. Lastly, our focus is to provide world class products that add value and enjoyment to our clients experience while maintaining environmental- and community-responsible processes.

About St. Burgh's

lighted candle in the dark
lighted candle in the dark

At St. Burgh's Wickery, we are dedicated to producing quality candles. We utilize specific processes and source quality ingredients such as 100% soy wax and choice fragrance oils to ensure a smooth wax appearance, great scent throw, and long-lasting burn. Because of our candle-making process, there is no doubt that our candles are of recognized value to our clients.

Do you recall when a particular scent brought back memories? Maybe it reminded you of your favorite vacation to the beach or of a formal dinner with your favorite person. studies have shown that there is a connection between sense of smell and memories. You may ask how does this tie into our process? Well, we have created unique candle fragrances that will revive and even create some of your most cherished memories. We believe that if you....

Truly Great Candles


Our Grand Opening on May 8th 2023